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Beef Tail Pieces 200g


Low Fat

Great For Teeth

Low Odour

Grain & Gluten Free

Hypo Allergenic

Suitable for puppies 12+weeks


Looking for a healthy, delicious and natural treat for your dog? Our mouth-watering Healthy Beef Tails are the perfect dental chew for your furry friend. Made from only the finest natural ingredients, these beef tails are low in fat and high in protein, making them a tasty and nutritious snack. The unique texture of the beef tails promotes effective teeth cleaning, helping to remove unwanted plaque build-up and promoting healthy gums. They also make an excellent reward for good behavior. Say goodbye to unhealthy treats and hello to our all-natural and delicious Healthy Beef Tails. Your dog will thank you for this tasty and nutritious treat!


Ingredients: 100% Beef



Beef Tail Pieces 200g