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Puffed White Porky Snouts 3 Pack


100% Natural

Low Fat

Grain & Gluten Free

Low in Odour

Natural Dental Chew

Hypo Allergenic

Suitable for puppies 12+ weeks


If you're searching for a treat that is both tasty and gentle on your furry friend's tummy, look no further than our Puffed Porky Snouts. These treats are perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs, as they are made with all-natural ingredients and are low in fat.

Despite being low in fat, Puffed Porky Snouts are bursting with flavor, making them an irresistible snack for dogs. They are also an ideal choice for dogs on a controlled diet or those who need a nutritious snack, as they are packed with essential nutrients that support your dog's overall health and wellbeing.

Not only are Puffed Porky Snouts delicious and nutritious, but they also provide an excellent way for dogs to exercise their jaws and teeth. The crunchy texture of these treats helps to clean your dog's teeth and massage their gums, promoting good dental hygiene and reducing the risk of gum disease.

In summary, Puffed Porky Snouts are the perfect snack for dogs with sensitive tummies, as they are made with all-natural ingredients and are low in fat. They are also a great source of nutrition and offer several health benefits, including promoting good dental hygiene. Treat your furry friend to these tasty snacks and watch them wag their tail in delight!



100% Pork

Pig Snouts 3 Pack

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  • Supervise your dog when chewing. Ensure clean and fresh water is available at all times.

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